SilverOcean Yoga


I started yoga to have a balance to running. My attitude towards yoga was rather reserved in the beginning. Katjas way of teaching changed my attitude completely. She radiates confidence, strength and tranquility. Her classes do not only give me a balance to running, but also help me find an inner Balance – Uta

Yoga with Katja is both strenuous and calming, but also fun. Sometimes we all laugh mid-class. I haven’t done that with other Yogis. Katja often challenges the class to do advanced poses – but always in a supported with adequate preparation, and always along the lines – do as much as you can. I am always thrilled when I reach an advanced pose that I thought I couldn’t do, but equally grateful when she gently aligns me in a pose I feel familiar with. – Tine

Having only experienced yoga from DVD’s at home I really benefitted from the personal attention that Katja is able to give to every student during the class. Yoga is now an important part of my fitness routine and I look forward to every class. – Helen

Yoga with Katja has helped me reduce the rotation of running injuries I have suffered for the past years by making me concentrate on stretching, something I have done half heartedly before. I really enjoy Katja’s teaching style and find her guidance during the lessons invaluable. – Lucinda

I always feel uplifted after every class. Katja offers the perfect balance between relaxation, strength and mindfulness. – Marissa