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15 years ago I was drawn to Yoga, to relieve tightness from running as well as boredom from working out in a gym. I loved the quiet space of the studio and enjoyed moving my body through challenging poses – it was love at first asana.

Over the years my practice has deepened and I have discovered Yoga’s spiritual side. As my body became stronger. I found that my mind was calmer and I was present and more connected to my family, my patients and myself.

I am a medical doctor and have worked as a family doctor (GP) up until 2012 when I moved to Switzerland with my husband and 3 children. Since then I have completed my 200hr yoga teacher training and my 300hr yoga teacher training with Olive Ssembuze, Yogalives in Zurich.

As a teacher, I focus on the way yoga affects your life in as well as out of the class. I want to let students experience a feeling of enjoyment, perseverance, and calm – like rings in the water this state of mind spreads to affect people around us. But my medical knowledge is never far away, my yoga teaching is sprinkled with anatomy, physiology, focusing on alignment, elongation and creating space – all designed to safely lead you to a peaceful inner state.

My path from medicine to yoga has been exciting and intuitive. Even if we start in one place, we may end up somewhere different altogether. Life is a journey 🙂

Katja Fonnesbech Aqraou, Medical Doctor, 500hr Yoga Alliance Teacher.

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